A Day at the Dog Grooming Studio

The Grooming Studio is not a traumatic event for your pet. He/she is getting plenty of attention and TLC! You could compare your pets experience with a visit to a spa! Grooming your dog takes time………. When ready for their bath, initial clipping is done by removing any excess body hair. A gentle brush followed by a fine tooth comb, the nails are also clipped at this time. The bath consist of a thorough shampooing with mild shampoo and complete rinse. (See our list of luxurious shampoos available).

Flea treatment is used as necessary and other preparations are used at owners’ request. After the bath your dog is thoroughly dried and brushed so the hair is tangle free. Keeping your pet well brushed between appointments makes a more enjoyable visit. We now have a state-of-the-art drying cabinet from the U.S where some of the dogs even go to sleep!! Your dog will now have a rest in the cage and a drink of water. Dogs respond better to being groomed when they are not rushed and can relax between steps. Now the time consuming steps are over, we can relax and enjoy the final clipping. Most body work is done with the clippers and all heads and tails are scissored. This takes approximately one hour, depending on the size of your dog, style of clip, and the co-operation of your dog.

We also style to show standard at your request.