Retail Products

We have now introduced carefully selected retail products to our services.

  • For All Dogkind shampoos – 250 ml bottles of your favourite concentrated shampoo @ £10 per bottle.
  • We sell several kinds of perfume @ £7 each and bottle refills are £5.
    Please ask for current perfumes.
  • Detangle spray £12 – this is ideal for removing knots and tangles in heavy coated breeds making the hair more manageable. Suitable for use on sensitive skins. It is best to leave the product to penetrate the hair for at least 2 minutes before combing; the time will let your dogs’ coat fully experience the intensive detangling benefits.
  • Tooth gel @ £12 – works fast and naturally helps to reduce plaque and tarter with no need to use a toothbrush. It also helps to kills the germs that cause bad breath.
  • Single sided brush £10.00.
  • Double sided brush £15.00.
  • Comb £10.00.
  • Zoom Groom for the de-shedding of double-coated dogs, i.e. German Shepherd, Labradors etc £10.00.
  • Ask your groomer for help with your choice of brush.
  • Thornit ear powder – an absolute must for dogs with troublesome ear problems, can be used on paws as well £12
  • Leucillin antiseptic spray £9.